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“Family Grateful for the Coverage Offered Through CHIP”

“Family Grateful for the Coverage Offered Through CHIP”

Family Grateful for the Coverage Offered Through CHIP

Kimberly Way and her husband were excited for their newborn. They already had four children at home, and were welcoming their new bundle of joy. Their newborn, Kaleb Way was born prematurely. At the time of his birth, they were informed that their son was diagnosed with Trisomy 13, “the doctors warned me not to go home and Google what Trisomy 13 is, but the mother in me could not resist, and in the end I found out why they warned me,” stated Kimberly. Her research revealed that children diagnosed with Trisomy 13 usually die shortly after birth. In the midst of despair, she still had hope that her son would live past what was expected, and she sought the best possible care for him. Shortly after his diagnosis was revealed they were contacted by a case worker at the hospital who introduced Kim and her Husband to KidCare.

KidCare is the extension of the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) in the state of Florida. Even though Kim and her husband at that time had health insurance, they decided to enroll Kaleb into KidCare because it offered them better coverage and options for care for their son at a more affordable price. Their former coverage cost them $1,300.00 a month and limited the type of care they could seek for their son. Kidcare only cost them $20/month and allowed Kim to seek the best possible care for her son. Kaleb has weekly visits at the doctor’s office, receives therapies, and other services. Kaleb was born both blind and deaf. Kaleb qualified for a surgery to install an ear piece to aid in hearing. This expensive surgery cost them nothing, thanks to the great coverage offered through KidCare. The great coverage they have for Kaleb has made things a lot less stressful for Kim and her family, “he is my miracle baby, and I am so grateful for all the great care available to him.” Kaleb has long surpassed what doctor’s predicted his survival time to be, and Kim is hopeful he will grow up to be a happy boy.

CHIP is a bipartisan bill, and has been working well. Many families across the United States are dependent on CHIP and it has been working well for kids and families all across whether their household income is in the upper end of the income pool or in the lower end. Kimberly Way and her family are just one amongst many that have been benefiting every day from having CHIP coverage. This coverage is not only affordable for every-day families, but the type of care offered through this coverage is among the very best.

By Florida CHAIN | Posted: March 25, 2015

 Local Mom Thankful for Florida’s KidCare Program


Jennifer Lynn Peters is an early childhood educator and mother of two, who lives in Jacksonville Beach, Florida.

AGE: 31

CHILDREN: Andrew (9) & Leah (6)

WORK: Assistant Director, Early Childcare Center

In 2014, Jennifer, an Ohio native and single mom, found herself working at a job she loved at an early leaning center, but without the option of healthcare benefits from her employer. She felt stranded when it came to healthcare options for her family. Through a friend’s reference, Jennifer learned about the Cover Jacksonville program and that Florida KidCare coverage may be an option for her children. An enrollment assistor met her at work, during her lunch hour, to help with the enrollment process — for free.

“I’m so thankful for Florida’s KidCare Program! Now if my children get sick or injured while participating in sports activities it won’t be a huge financial burden on my family. I have real peace of mind.”

Jennifer’s former spouse was in the military. She lost healthcare coverage when they divorced, but the children remained covered under TriCare, until he ended his military service. Then the children no longer qualified for coverage, thus, leaving Jennifer stressed.

“Unfortunately, there are not a lot of low-cost, quality options available to parents.” says Jennifer, who had a four-month gap when the kids coverage ended before learning about Florida KidCare. “I was a nervous wreck as both of my children needed physicals for school and current vaccinations. At one point, my daughter was so sick that I had to take her to the emergency room and pay all the expenses.”

Florida KidCare is much more reliable, cost-effective and efficient. “Needless to say, having high-quality, low-cost health insurance for my children has had a huge impact on my budget. Plus, I was able to keep the same doctors my kids had prior to enrolling, so we didn’t have to worry about transferring records or getting to know a new physician.”

Now she advises others to check out the program. “I encourage every family to explore Florida KidCare. You never know when your child will get sick or injured and not having coverage could be financially devastating.”

Download PDF of Jennifer’s Testimonial

Mother of Three Very Happy with Florida KidCare

Chardae Hancock is the Program Manager for the Mayor’s Summer Job program with the City of Jacksonville and a mother of three children, currently residing in the City.

AGE: 27

CHILDREN: Sanaai (9),  Judah (2) & Caleb (9 months)

WORK: City of Jacksonville, Mayor’s Office

Although Chardae, a Colorado native, received healthcare coverage for her family, her financial burden increased tremendously when her youngest son was born with certain health issues. Out of pocket fees and copays for his specialized care, coupled with the older children’s routine physicals, immunizations and doctor visits for maladies like colds, the flu and ear infections, stressed Chardae. She knew she needed help to reduce costs associated with health coverage for her children.

“Switching coverage to Florida’s KidCare program was the best move I could make for my family financially. When my youngest son was born with breathing problems the bills began accumulating with emergency room visit fees, long hospital stays, specialist bills, medication, copays…”

A colleague with the Jacksonville Children’s Commission suggested that Chardae explore Cover Jacksonville’s KidCare program. She talked with a free enrollment assistor who explained that following Caleb’s birth, her family now qualified for the program. “Autumn was gracious, helpful and informative,” says Chardae, about one of Cover Jacksonville’s many Enrollment Assistors who are available to help consumers at no charge.

“We talked via phone several times; she came to my office to guide me through the enrollment process. She took the time to explain the coverage options, as well as, how long the process would take. Plus, I was informed as to what documents I needed, making the entire process easy to understand and stress-free,” says Chardae.

“The best part about enrolling in Florida KidCare is that this huge financial burden has been lifted, as there are fewer copays and fees, and, I am able to keep my current doctors,” she adds.

“I highly recommend this program to all who qualify. People need to take time out to ask questions and check to see if they in fact do qualify for the program. I had no idea I could enroll in the program. You never know how much money you can save for you and your family.”

Download PDF of Chardae’s Testimonial